V-Indonesia 2012 Day 3 Photos

Take a look at what went down on Day 3 of V-Indonesia 2012!
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V-Indonesia 2012 Day 2: Big Dreamers, Great Achievers

6 September, SICC—Day two of V-Indonesia 2012 was all about inspiration and dreaming big. Chief Pathman himself said, “If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. Somewhere along the journey, we get lost so find your dream because, that is the only thing that will stop you from getting lost in your journey to success.” The arena was abuzz with thousands of dreamers who were all waiting to listen to the day’s talk.

A couple of very important milestones were marked on that day as QNET CEO Dave Osh and Managing Director JR Mayer launched In Shape, the newest product line to be offered by the company. On the other hand, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah was awarded by Michael Sanders of Obtainer Magazine for being the world’s best trainer for three consecutive years.

Held at noon break was the book signing for Chief Pathman’s latest work The Adventures of Pippo the Unbelievable, and indeed, and unbelievable crowd supported the comic book that caused a mile-long line of people all waiting to have their books signed by the author.

The night session was even more exciting as thousands of IRs were awed by the amazing aerial dance performance of Samadhi. The session officially began with a talk from V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark who discussed about chasing after a dream and keeping consistent in aiming to achieve it. The night ended with Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s talk. An audio-visual presentation of some of the world’s most successful people was shown to inspire and motivate the IRs. With this, Dato’ Vijay provided a solid picture of what success looks like. He made the crowd refresh their memories and come back to the single most fundamental reason for doing this business—the dream of being financially free.

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V-Indonesia 2012 Day 2 Photos

Take a look at what happened on Day 2 of V-Indonesia 2012!

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Groundbreaking V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

On 5 September The V opened its doors and welcomed all participants to the much awaited and grandest event of the year!

Long before the ribbon-cutting at 2pm, people from different parts of the globe have already gathered around the Sentul International Convention Center as early as 8 in the morning.  Loud drums and cheers could be heard from all parts of the arena. Colorful flags and costumes filled the area.

The fun continues as our IRs made their way inside the arena. House rules were given by Chief Pathman to ensure that all participants will have a memorable and safe V-Con experience. The evening was made more special for all our brothers and sisters as the gala night begins. A wonderful Dance of a Thousand Hands presentation took their breath away. To continue the hype, our amazing V Partners Sathi, Arun and Adly together with AVPs Cherian, Ferdie and Dev took the stage by storm. All six V Ambassadors really knows how to have fun with all our energetic IRs present in the arena.

And since we want nothing but the best for our dear IRs, we made sure that we will have the best people on stage. That evening, all our V Partners shared the beautiful V-Con stage together with no less than our V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark and V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran.

What is a beautiful way to end an awesome day?  A very moving question and answer session with our very own Dato’ Vijay who shared his wisdom to all our IRs. His thoughts and words gave our IRs a better view on network marketing and life in general. This talk brought some of our participants into tears.

In the coming days, we have greater things in stored just for you! Welcome home!

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V-Indonesia 2012 DAY 1 Photos

DAY TWO of V-Indonesia begins! But first, take a look at what went on the FIRST DAY of V-Indonesia 2012!


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“The Adventures of Pippo the Unbelievable” is finally out! Join Chief’s New Adventure!

It’s finally out! V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah’s new comic book “The Adventures of Pippo the Unbelievable” is now available for your reading pleasure! Join Pippo and his crazy family in their unbelievable adventure towards achieving their dreams.

Visit Pippo’s booth at The V exhibition area and grab a copy of Chief Pathman’s new comic book!

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QNET Ribbon Cutting at SICC on First Day of V-Indonesia 2012

Sentul International Convention Center, 5 September—More and more people have started gathering for the official Day 1 of V-Indonesia 2012. People have continued to flock the venue to await the event gala tonight that shall be attended by all the V Partners and the esteemed V Ambassadors.

A huge number of guests from all over the world have also attended the events prior to the gala. The ribbon cutting held at the QNET Pavilion was attended by QNET Managing Director JR Mayer, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, and 2012 London Olympics delegate Hadia Hosny.

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