Marussia Team at Abu Dhabi GP 2012 [Photos]

Check out these crystal clear snapshots of the Marussia F1 Team on and off the track. You can even use them as desktop wallpapers and social media background photos!

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F2 Tour leaves Ghana pumped up and fully charged

Last October 21 was another hit for the F2 World Tour. Held at La Palm Beach Royal Hotel in Accra, Ghana, the event was graced by VP Cherian Mathew and VC Johnson Kuriakose.

Local Leader Justice Selorm opened the event by welcoming the crowd of charged up IRs from Accra and from different parts of Ghana. He set the tone for a powerful day of activities by making the crowd comfortable and setting the ground rules then he later invited VC Johnson Kuriakose to the floor.

VC Johnson shared his VCon experience. He talked about how attending events like In Service events has helped his growth in the business and shared the main theme of VCon 2012, Finding Two or F2, with the crowd. Later, Chief Pathman Senathirajah spoke to the crowd through his video. VP Cherian later took the stage.

VP Cherian, as usual, did his magic on the crowd as he took them through his reason for coming into the business. He explained how it has influenced his life and changed it by compelling him to become focused on what he wanted to achieve, by being constantly active and switched on.

The training ended at 5 pm after which the business presentations started with local leader Margaret Tuuli welcoming the crowd and getting them excited. She set the ground rules and later invited VC Johnson take the floor and do the business presentation, followed up with closing remarks from VP Cherian in his grand style.

F2 Training in Kuala Lumpur (Photos)

V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah conducted a special F2 Super Bonanza training at the swanky V Training Center located at the QI Tower in Malaysia. Watch out for the F2 WORLD TOUR coming to your city/country very, very soon!
To learn more about the F2 SUPER BONANZA, click on this link and watch the video on VTUBE.
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To see the rest of the photos, check out the gallery below:

Source: F2 Training in KL

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 5 Photos

You were probably wondering a week ago, where did the VCON Day 5 photos go? We apologize for the slight delay. Anyway, here are the photos for the last day of V-Indonesia 2012!


Source: V-INDONESIA 2012 DAY 5

Relive the V-Indonesia 2012 experience

It’s only been two days since V-Indonesia 2012 ended, and we’re betting we’re all still hungover from the event! Relive the experience and go through our gallery of blog posts, photo albums, and videos, scattered around the blog, our Facebook fan page, and Twitter photos.
You can look through our photo galleries of the whole VCON from the day of preparations to Day 4. (We’ll update this once we get photos of Day 5!)

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Registration photos on Day 1

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V-Indonesia 2012 Day 4

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 5

Bonus: The Daily Gem book signing with VFP Joseph Bismark


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V-Indonesia 2012 Day 4 Photos

Take a look at what went down on Day 4 of V-Indonesia 2012! Click any of the images below to see the pictures in full size.


V-Indonesia 2012 Day 3 Photos

Take a look at what went down on Day 3 of V-Indonesia 2012!