Samsun, Turkey welcomes VP David on Raise The Bar Higher Tour


On February 17, Samsun City welcomed VP David on his Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey. These young warriors will start their fight for financial freedom the way the great visionary Ataturk started his fight in this city for the whole of Turkey!


Kocaeli, Turkey Raises The Bar Higher with VP David


On February 16, Kocaeli, Turkey raised the bar higher together with VP David and 250 young entrepreneurs.

Seckin Kalkaoglu talked about his journey, fears, rejections, giving up, looking forward, beliefs, efforts, and comfort zone. VC Mustafa spoke about sacrificing, excuses, sense of responsibility, reason of success, never accepting that he reached the best, and learning.

Under one roof: NSS in Casablanca


Over 1100 passionate Moroccan IRs gathered under one roof on 10th of February 2013 for the most waited and successful NSS in Casablanca.

The event started at 11am with the testimony of the local leader Dr Bahia Alaoui who talked about her belief in this business and how the trainings conducted by THE V have contributed a lot to her success. She also talked about the new laws in Morocco that encourage Network Marketing and eCommerce.

AVP Ahmed Abdelwahab spoke of the importance of dreams and how these can help us rise above the negativity given off by people who cannot see the value of the business.

And then came VP Donna Imson who was warmly welcomed on the stage by the crowd as the first V Partner to be on a Moroccan stage. She talked about her tough beginnings which did not stop her from going after her dreams. She continued and persevered simply because “she wanted to be an Eagle”, she wanted to fly and achieve all her dreams, even the wildest kind.


More February Events: Leadership Camp in Ivory Coast and NSS Morocco & Bangalore

There’s going to be three more events for you people in Ivory Coast, Morocco, and Bangalore this February! Here are the details:


Leadership Camp : Ivory Coast  
  City Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  Event Date: 8th, 9th & 10th February 2013
  Event Time: Full Day
  Venue: Azito Palace 2 a l`ile Boulay
  Ticket Cost: USD 200
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): 1)       VP Sathi
  2)       VC Ibn Abbas
  Contact Person: Mr. Bado Fisouali
  Mobile Phone: +226 7798 4848
  Email Address:   


NSS : Morocco  
  City Casablanca, Morocco
  Event Date: 10th February 2013
  Event Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
  Venue: Salle Alf Lila & Lila, Lissasfa Route D’El Jadida, Casablanca
  Ticket Cost: USD 12
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): VP Donna Imson
  Contact Person: Mr. Bado Fisouali
  Mobile Phone: +012 209 5452
  Email Address:


NSS: Bangalore, India    
  City Bangalore, India  
  Event Date: Sunday, February 24, 2013  
  Event Time: 5.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.  
  Venue: MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield  
  Ticket Cost: USD 20  
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): VMD Pathman Senathirajah  
  Contact Person: Mr. Vinthi  
  Mobile Phone: +9199 0006 3900  
  Email Address:  


Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma!

David Sharma_2

There will be a Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma on the following venues and dates below.


Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm
Contact No: Seckin Kalkanoglu:+9 0507 760 34 12

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Goksel Colgecen : +9 0551 709 38 19

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Mert Kultur : +9 0507 707 63 53

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact no: Ali Can Ertan : +9 0546 464 60 26


NSS Mumbai is happening on February 23rd!

There will be TWO separate NSS events in Mumbai India this coming February 23rd featuring VMD Pathman Senathirajah and VP Sathi Senathirajah. The first one will be on at 11 am to 3 pm and the second one will be on at 5 pm to 10 pm. Both events will be held at Shanmukhananda Auditorium so don’t worry about bringing too much people, we have the seating capacity to accommodate it.

Ticket cost will be at USD 20. For more details and clarifications, you can contact Mr Vinthi through his mobile number +9199 0006 3900 or his e-mail address at You can also contact Mr Muheeb Khan through his mobile number +9199720 77144 or his e-mail address at

See you soon, Mumbai!




Event: NSS Mumbai

Speakers: VMD Pathman Senathirajah and VP Sathi Senathirajah

Where: Shanmukhananda Auditorium, Mumbai

When: 23rd February 2013

Time: (Event 1) 11 am – 3 pm, (Event 2) 5pm – 10 pm

Ticket Price: USD 20

Contact persons: Mr Vinthi – (mobile) +9199 0006 3900/(e-mail)

Mr Muheeb Khan – (mobile) +9199720 77144 / (e-mail)

The F2 World Tour Comes to Bangalore on November 1st!


The V Proudly presents the biggest network marketing storm to hit South India — NSS BANGALORE!!! Officially part of the ongoing F2 World Tour, NSS Bangalore comes charging with great force that was started in Delhi two days ago.

At NSS Bangalore, participants will be delighted to be in the presence of our great Uplines and certified mavericks of Networking — our Chief Pathman, VP Arun George, QNET Managing Director Mr. JR Mayer, and QLifestyle MD Mr. Joachim Steffen.

So, Bangalore, are you ready to rock to the tune of F2 and take South India to the next level? You’d better be!


Event details:

Date : 1st November 2012

Time: 3 to 9.30pm India time


Nimhans Auditorium, Wilson Garden ( next to Brand Factory), as u go down the flyover from Christ college, cross the 1st junction, 150m to your left is the convention centre.

Ticket price: INR550

Contact for Ticket Sales:

1) Mr. Muheeb +919972077144,

2) Mr. Simret +919940694041

Tickets are on sale NOW!!!