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The Vine: 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 200,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 4 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you for sticking with us this far!

Read VFP Joseph Bismark’s latest blog post “The Importance of Innovation”

From VFP Joseph Bismark’s latest blogpost “The Importance of Innovation“:

Innovate or die. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase. It’s advice I agree wholeheartedly with. Why is it so important though?

The market now is constantly evolving. Not only do businesses need to survive and thrive with advanced technology, they need to ensure they are always ahead of the pack.

An example of a good innovator is Steve Jobs. He did not invent the computer or the mobile phone but he definitely revolutionised technology. It’s almost like being a chef. You mix and match raw ingredients and invent a brand new dish. That’s my mantra in business. I don’t think it’s necessary to create something new, but rather reinvent something that is unique and fresh.

You can read the full blog post here.

Learn to be Charismatic via the HBR Blog Network

There’s always something about our leaders that makes us follow them, no matter what. You probably know what that is: Charisma. That’s the mark of a good leader. We’re sure many of you want to be notable leaders, too, and in your own right. What’s stopping you? Not charismatic enough?

We came across this article today and I’m sure this will provide some insight on how YOU can be charismatic yourself! Hats off to Scott Edinger who wrote this informative piece.

Learn to be Charismatic

By Scott Edinger

What makes a leader inspiring? By far, the most common answer I hear from the thousands of leaders I’ve spoken with on the topic is “charisma.”

And who would argue? When they hear that answer, people typically nod knowingly; we all seem to recognize the power of charisma to motivate. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, recently wrote on this site about its importance.The sociologist Max Weber described it as being endowed with supernatural, superhuman, and exceptional powers.

As a practical matter though, what does one do with this information? The advice, “Go be charismatic” is about as useful as “Go be inspiring.” So what does it actually mean to be charismatic as a leader? From my experience observing and coaching hundreds of leaders, and analyzing data on thousands more, here is what I’d suggest is the constellation of qualities that constitutes charismatic leadership.

Charismatic people focus on you, not themselves. Leadership effectiveness is contextual — what works for one group doesn’t necessarily work for another. So in order to be charismatic you simply have to understand and relate to others. And the more you relate on a human level the better. Regardless of your politics it is hard to argue that Bill Clinton is nothing if not charismatic. Even people who have had the briefest of encounters with him come away feeling like they were the most important person in the room.

They tend to be extraverts. I recognize that this will be an unpopular conclusion with the introverts reading this, but the fact is charismatic leaders are people who put themselves out there. They actively seek out and engage others. They tend to be upbeat and make us feel that way, too. We all know people who can “light up a room.” This is not to say that introverts can’t be charismatic. But they do have to work harder at it, since many find social situations draining, rather than energizing.

Like all good leaders, charismatic leaders are skilled communicators. Communication is critical to any kind of management of course, but charismatic leaders are particularly expressive in their verbal communication. They are skilled and entertaining conversationalists. They tell stories. They use concrete examples. They talk about their feelings. They look for ways to invoke common ground in an audience. These skills come naturally to many, but they can certainly be learned, and improved.

They feel your pain, really. You can be good at sizing people up, engaging with them, paying attention to them, and communicating with them and still not be charismatic. Beyond all of these skills, truly charismatic leaders possess that little something extra. Empathy. They genuinely care — and people can tell. It’s what Aristotle called ethos, as it relates to your disposition or character. The most effective leaders I’ve worked with display charisma by making a genuine emotional connection forged by words and deeds that demonstrate that they understand — and really have — your best interests at heart.

The word charisma comes from the word Greek charis, meaning gift or grace. But it’s not so much a grace we’re born with as a skill that can be cultivated and, ultimately, a gift to be shared with others.

Scott Edinger is the founder of Edinger Consulting Group. He is a coauthor of the October 2011 HBR article, “Making Yourself Indispensable.” Connect with Scott at



Relive the V-Indonesia 2012 experience

It’s only been two days since V-Indonesia 2012 ended, and we’re betting we’re all still hungover from the event! Relive the experience and go through our gallery of blog posts, photo albums, and videos, scattered around the blog, our Facebook fan page, and Twitter photos.
You can look through our photo galleries of the whole VCON from the day of preparations to Day 4. (We’ll update this once we get photos of Day 5!)

Pre-event photos Part 1

Pre-event photos Part 2

Pre-event photos Part 3

Registration photos on Day 1

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 2

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 3

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 4

V-Indonesia 2012 Day 5

Bonus: The Daily Gem book signing with VFP Joseph Bismark


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You can also browse these photo galleries where we posted some photos that we didn’t post anywhere else:!/V_Global/media/grid

Read Dato Vijay Eswaran’s latest blog post “Reach and Live Your Potential”

Hello readers! If you have the time, please go over to Dato Vijay Eswaran’s blog and read his latest post, “Reach and Live Your Potential”. Here’s a sample:

Everyone is born with potential.  Your potential may be a vague piece of thought as it can’t easily be defined, measured or quantified but it is infinite; hence, the boundless possibilities. How much of these possibilities you can claim depends on how far you want to go in life. You don’t wait for possibilities to be revealed to you as only you can make your own possibilities.  Like what Michael Phelps said in an interview, “The more you dream, the farther you get.

Read more here.

Sweet Travel Deals from BONVO!

Checking and responding to e-mail for work can be sometimes too much work. But every other day or two, we receive newsletters like this one in our inboxes. And the thing is, these are pretty EXCITING promos from Bonvo. Are you ready? Mark your calendars because here. We. Go.

“It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman lawyer, writer, scholar, orator and statesman, 106 BC – 43 BC).

The high-pitched whine of racing engines, the smell of burning rubber, the breath-stopping sight of Formula 1 cars careening at 200kmh around corners…. There is no other sport that embodies such high levels of brains and brawn; speed, endurance, agility, and sheer death-defying bravery. This month, Bonvo brings you exciting, exclusive promotions to various Formula 1 races, so you can indulge in all this adrenaline-pumping action from the safety of the stands while living it up in champagne-and-caviar style!


21st – 23rd September 2012

Special Hospitality Package at Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore From USD 3,093* per person (Twin-sharing)

The Ritz Carlton Hospitality Package includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation in a Deluxe Room* at the 5-star Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore
  • Daily breakfast
  • Full VIP weekend hospitality
  • Other hospitality / Grand Stand options available
  • Amazing race views with all hospitality options

Paddock upgrades available – Be a VIP guest with a F1 Team for the weekend!

*Subject to a minimum of 4 nights’ stay. For stays in alternative room types, please enquire for details.

For reservations and enquiries, contact


26th – 28th October 2012

Special Hospitality Packages
From USD 7,788 per person (Twin-sharing)

Special Hospitality Package at the Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi

The Le Meridien Hotel Hospitality Package includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation at the 5-star Le Meridien Hotel (Run-of-house room* – upgrades and other room options are available at applicable rates)
  • Return airport transfers
  • Daily return transfer between the hotel and the F1 Circuit
  • 3-Day 2011 Formula 1™ Paddock Club hospitality
  • All applicable taxes

Hospitality upgrades available – Be a VIP guest with a F1 Team for the weekend!

*For stays in alternative room types and special airfares, please enquire for details.

For reservations and enquiries, contact:


Special Hospitality Package at the Leela Palace Kempinski Hotel, New Delhi)

The Leela Palace Kempinski Hotel Hospitality Package includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation in a Royal Premier Room* at the 5-star Leela Palace Kempinski
  • Return airport transfers
  • Daily return transfer between the hotel and the F1 Circuit
  • 3-Day 2011 Formula 1™ Paddock Club Hospitality
  • All applicable taxes

Hospitality upgrades available – Be a VIP guest with a F1 Team for the weekend!
*For room upgrades and special airfares, please enquire for details.

For reservations and enquiries, contact


2nd – 4th November 2012

Special Hospitality Package at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Abu Dhabi
From USD 2,281 per person (twin-sharing)

The Holiday Inn Hotel Hospitality Package includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation in a Standard Room* at the 4-star Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Daily breakfast
  • Airport meet-and-greet (Abu Dhabi)
  • Return airport transfer (including Dubai hotels)
  • Daily return transfer between the hotel and Grandstand (including Dubai Hotel)
  • 3-Day 2012 Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ticket with choice of Main Grandstand, North Grandstand and South Grandstand
  • Complimentary Pit Walk on Thursday
  • Hospitality upgrades to AI Dhiyafa – AI Jood – F1 Paddock Club
  • 2-Day general admission to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • All applicable taxes
  • Complimentary access to all after-race concerts

*For stays in alternative room types and special airfares, please enquire for details. Special airfares available on request. Please enquire for rates.

For reservations and enquiries, contact