V-Indonesia 2012 Day 3: Warrior with a Dream

7 September, SICC—Day three of V-Indonesia 2012 is all about going back to the basics and remembering the single most fundamental thing in network marketing—the power of the dream.

Chief Pathman Senathirajah opened the stage with a talk about knowing your dream. In network marketing, the strongest motivation one can get is the vision of his own dream. “It’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s very simple. You just have to dream of something so badly that you will stop at nothing just to get there.”, Chief said. Keeping it in mind and putting all efforts in achieving that dream will propel an IR to do the best he can, in whatever way he can. Chief likened a determined IR to a warrior. A warrior looks at hurdles along the way as challenges that will help him get better. Instead of being disheartened, a warrior is emblazoned with the passion to overcome a challenge. “You should everyday think of yourselves like a warrior.”, he said.

Several QNET IRs have proven true to the power of the dream. V Elite Leader Hajara Kasule from Uganda and V Council Member Tobing from Indonesia are just some of the many IRs who have started with so little and are now sharing their success with so many people. VL Hajara have become such an inspiration to the women of Uganda. More and more women now have gained confidence and aimed for individual success because of the example VL Hajara has shown. V Council Member Tobing is the VC upline of Team Amoeba. He narrated such touching and heartwarming story of his life and success to the V-Indonesia stage. Earning less than a dollar before he joined QNET, VC Tobing is now the top earner in Indonesia.

Truly an inspiring series of talks to start the day with, the morning session of Day 3 ended with IRs deeply motivated by their Leaders, with a promise of sharing their success with the people around them.

Source: Warrior with a Dream


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