Samsun, Turkey welcomes VP David on Raise The Bar Higher Tour


On February 17, Samsun City welcomed VP David on his Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey. These young warriors will start their fight for financial freedom the way the great visionary Ataturk started his fight in this city for the whole of Turkey!


Kocaeli, Turkey Raises The Bar Higher with VP David


On February 16, Kocaeli, Turkey raised the bar higher together with VP David and 250 young entrepreneurs.

Seckin Kalkaoglu talked about his journey, fears, rejections, giving up, looking forward, beliefs, efforts, and comfort zone. VC Mustafa spoke about sacrificing, excuses, sense of responsibility, reason of success, never accepting that he reached the best, and learning.

Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma!

David Sharma_2

There will be a Raise The Bar Higher Tour in Turkey with VP David Sharma on the following venues and dates below.


Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm
Contact No: Seckin Kalkanoglu:+9 0507 760 34 12

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Goksel Colgecen : +9 0551 709 38 19

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact No: Mert Kultur : +9 0507 707 63 53

Doors open 10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Contact no: Ali Can Ertan : +9 0546 464 60 26


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Dogan Hotel in Antalya, Turkey receives HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2012 Award

We’re pleased to hear that our Home Resort in Antalya, Turkey, the Dogan Hotel, has received the HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2012 award! You see, hotels are only awarded this if they continuously receive good reviews from their guests which are posted on the website. HolidayCheck is akin to Tripadvisor, which awarded Prana Resort a Certificate of Excellence a couple of months ago for the same thing – constant good reviews.

For more about the Dogan Hotel, which is managed by Prana Hotels & Resorts, please go to

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ISB Bootcamp 8, I’m Alive, and more!

The ISB Bootcamp 8 in Bali, Indonesia is happening right now until July 9. Don’t miss our updates on Twitter, Facebook, and our ISB website. To all our ISB participants, we hope you’re having the time of your lives!


In case you missed yesterday’s announcement, I’m Alive with Donna Imsonwill happen in Istanbul, Turkey this Sunday—that’s in two days’ time! It will be set on 12nn – 6pm (local time in Turkey) at the Point Taxim Hotel, Topcu Caddesi No 2, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey. The event is strictly FOR WOMEN only.  For details, please contact Elena at +905303305808. Spread the word and let’s give VP Donna a very warm welcome in Istanbul!


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