Three Days Left To Earn Like A Gold Star!

Here is how to rock:

Achieve 1000 BV by either selling or buying product from the Qualify eStore to upgrade your payout level to USD250 per step and maintain this payout level for 2 consecutive Quarters.


Achieve 3000 BV by either selling or buying product from the Qualify eStore to upgrade your payout level to USD250 per step and maintain this payout level for 4 consecutive Quarters.

This is your final chance to shine bright and earn like a Gold Star!

What are you waiting for?

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Enhance Your English Skills With Swiss eLearning Institute’s Wide Range of Business English Course Combos!

Since the Business English Course launched in the Repeat eStore, it has become very popular with our QNET IRs due to the value this course provides! With English as the standard language of business communication around the world, the Business English course is truly valuable for business owners – such as you – operating in an international environment!

Swiss eLearning Institute introduces new Business English Course combos with cheaper prices and the chances to earn more RSP!

  • Three levels combo (Business English Level 1-3, Business English Level 4-6, Business English Level 7-9, Business English Level 10-12) 
  • Six levels combo (Business English Level 1-6, Business English Level 7-12)
  • Complete 12 level (Business English Level 1-12)

There’s more! Head on to the QNET blog here to read the full article.

Delight Yourself with a Dream Holiday With Q-breaks Doğan Delight Packages!

Be a pioneer! Discover the hidden, lesser-known gems of Turkey with Q-breaks!

Steeped in history, culture and natural beauty is the scenic Turkish coastal town of Kaleiçi in the Antalya region! Q-breaks brings you Doğan Delight Packages* with a special chance to explore a charmingly historical town!

A unique travel experience is waiting for you with a perfect blend of old world elegance, friendly atmosphere and an inspired brand of personalised service at our Doğan Hotel in the historic heart of Turkey during non-peak season. You’ll enjoy the vacation of your dreams with excellent hospitality, wonderful food, and warm memories to bring home with you.

Pick the preferred length of your getaways from Q-breaks 3D/2N Doğan Delight, Q-breaks 5D/4N Doğan Delight or Q-breaks 11D/10N Doğan Delight and pack your bags!

Q-breaks Doğan Delight Packages are now available in your eStore. For more details, please visit

*Terms & Conditions apply. Please note: This travel package is subject to availability from January to May, and from October to December only. This travel package is not available for June, July, August, September, Bayram holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

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QNET LifeSite Now Available in your Repeat eStore!

The wait is over! The QNET LifeSite is now available in your Repeat eStore!

Let us tell you why you need get a membership today:

  • RSP: QNET LifeSite is now an RSP product, which means you can now earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP), and can convert it into cash and BV
  • GET PROSPECTS: Use it to convert prospects to IRs and Retail Customers, while increasing your retail and repeat sales.
  • AWESOME FEATURES: Jam-packed with useful features such as email, calendar, contact manager, daily tasks, product orders, marketing tools, support centre and so much more
  • NEW TOOLS: New features, training tools and product pages.
  • UNIQUE WEBSITE: FIRST options on your global Website name before anyone else – names are unique so once a name is taken, no one else can use that name.
  • CHOICE: More choices and opportunities to grow your network
  • FLEXIBILITY: Available with 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  • Visit your Repeat eStore
  • Purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription
  • Activate your LifeSite by clicking on the QNET LifeSite banner inside your Virtual Office
  • Learn more about how to make the most of the QNET LifeSite by visiting your “Resource Library” and watching the video tutorials.
  • Get networking to grow your business with all the amazing tools and features!

We hope you will make the most of this new business opportunity with the QNET LifeSite!

Visit today!


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THREE DAYS Left For The F2 Super Bonanza!

The finish line is just a few strides away with only THREE DAYS left before the F2 Super Bonanzaends THIS FRIDAY, 16 November 2012, 23:59 HKST! There is no time to hesitate, no time to wait, what you need to do now is race to success!

Seize these last few days to widen your network and earn MORE while you still have the time! If you have yet to qualify for the F2 Super Bonanza, just simply pick your Perfect Match in the eStore to join the race!

And don’t miss the Bonanza Super Deals – your chance to enjoy special deals of QNET’s best-selling products – also available now until THIS FRIDAY!

Sprint to the finish line NOW!


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Master Your Business English Skills With Swiss eLearning Institute!

Swiss eLearning Institute brings you an exciting opportunity to improve your skills, grow your business and achieve ultimate success with the Business English Level 7 – 12 Courses now available in your Repeat eStore!

English is the most widely spoken language globally and it is recognised as an international standard of business communication. As a professional networker, English communication is central to your day-to-day business operations and vital to your long-term success. This is your chance to master your Business English skills!


Read the full article here:

Master Your Business English Skills With Swiss eLearning Institute!

Race To The Finish Line With The Bonanza Super Deals Extension!

QNET is here to support our beloved IRs and ensure you make it to the finish line in the race to success with the extension of the Bonanza Super Deals!

Extended from now until Friday, 16 November 2012, 23:59 HKST, make the most of super deals on QNET’s best sellers and be a winner!

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