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QI Group Managing Director and V Founding Partner Mr. Joseph Bismark Visits the QNET Dubai Office!

Lots of excitement and action happening at the QNET Dubai Office as QI Group Managing Director and V Founding Partner Mr. Joseph Bismark paid a visit with Regional General Manager Mr. Khaled Diab, and MENA Business Development Executive Mr. Sewar Badur.

It turned out to be a fruitful and valuable learning experience for the teams present, as Mr Bismark sat down with each and tailored his discussion to best suit them. Topics he discussed ranged from consistency in Network Marketing to aggressiveness in the business.

Here, he is seen with leaders from the India INFINITI team. Don’t forget to check out Mr Joseph Bismark’s Facebook Page!

Reblogged from the QNET Blog, QI Group Managing Director and V Founding Partner Mr. Joseph Bismark Visits the QNET Dubai Office!

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Read VFP Joseph Bismark’s latest blog post “The Importance of Innovation”

From VFP Joseph Bismark’s latest blogpost “The Importance of Innovation“:

Innovate or die. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase. It’s advice I agree wholeheartedly with. Why is it so important though?

The market now is constantly evolving. Not only do businesses need to survive and thrive with advanced technology, they need to ensure they are always ahead of the pack.

An example of a good innovator is Steve Jobs. He did not invent the computer or the mobile phone but he definitely revolutionised technology. It’s almost like being a chef. You mix and match raw ingredients and invent a brand new dish. That’s my mantra in business. I don’t think it’s necessary to create something new, but rather reinvent something that is unique and fresh.

You can read the full blog post here.

VFP Joseph Bismark talks about health in The Straits Times, Singapore

If you’re in Singapore today, you should grab a copy of The Straits Times and skip to page 23. You’ll find a nice article featuring an interview with VFP Joseph Bismark who talks about health and life choices. Pictured below is a scan of the page:

Stay healthy, everybody!

“The Daily Gem” book signing with Joseph Bismark

VFP Joseph Bismark’s book, The Daily Gem, sure was a hit at V-Indonesia 2012! Check out the pictures at the book signing with Mr Bismark himself!


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Groundbreaking V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

On 5 September The V opened its doors and welcomed all participants to the much awaited and grandest event of the year!

Long before the ribbon-cutting at 2pm, people from different parts of the globe have already gathered around the Sentul International Convention Center as early as 8 in the morning.  Loud drums and cheers could be heard from all parts of the arena. Colorful flags and costumes filled the area.

The fun continues as our IRs made their way inside the arena. House rules were given by Chief Pathman to ensure that all participants will have a memorable and safe V-Con experience. The evening was made more special for all our brothers and sisters as the gala night begins. A wonderful Dance of a Thousand Hands presentation took their breath away. To continue the hype, our amazing V Partners Sathi, Arun and Adly together with AVPs Cherian, Ferdie and Dev took the stage by storm. All six V Ambassadors really knows how to have fun with all our energetic IRs present in the arena.

And since we want nothing but the best for our dear IRs, we made sure that we will have the best people on stage. That evening, all our V Partners shared the beautiful V-Con stage together with no less than our V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark and V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran.

What is a beautiful way to end an awesome day?  A very moving question and answer session with our very own Dato’ Vijay who shared his wisdom to all our IRs. His thoughts and words gave our IRs a better view on network marketing and life in general. This talk brought some of our participants into tears.

In the coming days, we have greater things in stored just for you! Welcome home!

Source: Groundbreaking V-Indonesia 2012 Day 1

Read GMD Joseph Bismark’s latest blog post “The Mark of a Leader”

Here’s another good read to end the week! Check out GMD Joseph Bismark’s latest blog post, “The Mark of a Leader”. Here’s a sample:

What makes a good leader? Are leaders born or made?

I get asked these questions often.

My reply is, “Everyone has the potential to be a leader.”

There are many opportunities to lead. It’s all about taking responsibility.

These opportunities are not only found at work, but also at home. As a spouse, we lead our significant other. As parents, we lead our children. If you’re a stay-at-home mother, your children look to you for guidance. You would also be responsible for leading your domestic helper.

The question really to ponder is, “Are you taking on the responsibility to lead?”


Read more here.