Under one roof: NSS in Casablanca


Over 1100 passionate Moroccan IRs gathered under one roof on 10th of February 2013 for the most waited and successful NSS in Casablanca.

The event started at 11am with the testimony of the local leader Dr Bahia Alaoui who talked about her belief in this business and how the trainings conducted by THE V have contributed a lot to her success. She also talked about the new laws in Morocco that encourage Network Marketing and eCommerce.

AVP Ahmed Abdelwahab spoke of the importance of dreams and how these can help us rise above the negativity given off by people who cannot see the value of the business.

And then came VP Donna Imson who was warmly welcomed on the stage by the crowd as the first V Partner to be on a Moroccan stage. She talked about her tough beginnings which did not stop her from going after her dreams. She continued and persevered simply because “she wanted to be an Eagle”, she wanted to fly and achieve all her dreams, even the wildest kind.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151460851647962.511820.79005412961&type=1


More February Events: Leadership Camp in Ivory Coast and NSS Morocco & Bangalore

There’s going to be three more events for you people in Ivory Coast, Morocco, and Bangalore this February! Here are the details:


Leadership Camp : Ivory Coast  
  City Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  Event Date: 8th, 9th & 10th February 2013
  Event Time: Full Day
  Venue: Azito Palace 2 a l`ile Boulay
  Ticket Cost: USD 200
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): 1)       VP Sathi
  2)       VC Ibn Abbas
  Contact Person: Mr. Bado Fisouali
  Mobile Phone: +226 7798 4848
  Email Address: bado.fisouali@the-v.net   


NSS : Morocco  
  City Casablanca, Morocco
  Event Date: 10th February 2013
  Event Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
  Venue: Salle Alf Lila & Lila, Lissasfa Route D’El Jadida, Casablanca
  Ticket Cost: USD 12
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): VP Donna Imson
  Contact Person: Mr. Bado Fisouali
  Mobile Phone: +012 209 5452
  Email Address: jayakanth@the-v.net


NSS: Bangalore, India    
  City Bangalore, India  
  Event Date: Sunday, February 24, 2013  
  Event Time: 5.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.  
  Venue: MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield  
  Ticket Cost: USD 20  
Speaker (s) / Facilitator (s): VMD Pathman Senathirajah  
  Contact Person: Mr. Vinthi  
  Mobile Phone: +9199 0006 3900  
  Email Address: vinthi@the-v.net  


F2 World Tour Burkina Faso: Don’t be chickens, fly like eagles


VP Donna Imson and AVP Asha Krishnan continued their tour together in Burkina Faso. Held at SIAO Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso last 24 November 2012, the event gathered 1498 excited and enthusiastic attendees.

Speaking at the event were VP Donna and AVP Asha, with Mr Abdul Bonkongou and Mr Eloi as the MC and translator. Also present at the event were Mr Jean Luc from Ivory Coast, Mr Souleyment (agent), Mr Aristide (agency manager), and Mr Bado (BDE in charge).

First up was Mr Eloi’s introduction of Mr Abdul Bonkongou as a top leader of Burkina Faso who brought this opportunity to his country to help others change their lives. He shared his experience since he started the business and talked about Find 2. He also talked about the importance of dreams and acting upon them, so one should have his mind set if he/she chooses to go with the business. He finished by inviting AVP Asha on the stage.

AVP Asha motivated the audience by telling them about her journey since she joined the business. After her 1-hour speech, she invited VP Donna on the stage.

VP Donna shared her experience before and after she joined the business and talked about F2. She then focused on the main concern that the audience always have: fear of taking a risk. She merely advised them to be eagles instead of chickens and ended her speech by telling each of attendees to find their 2 every month.

On 23/11/12, 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the top 300 Burkina Faso leaders in Palace Hotel and discussed with them the strategy of F2, and how they can approach new people with this business.  AVP Asha also shared her experience in how to get close to people and bring them to this opportunity

On 25/11/12, from 7pm to 10pm, VP Donna met with the Burkina Faso market women in Palace hotel as well as more than 500 attendees where she elaborated how women can take care of their families while doing the business the right way. She also shared her experience as a mother of 3 and how she manages this business to become a VP. AVP Asha also shared her experience as a mother of 2.

The F2/I’m Alive combo in Kazakhstan wins over the crowd! (UPDATE)

Kazakhstan was, as usual, amazing!

Both the I’m Alive & F2 events in Almaty & Astana were held as one combined event: Dvorec Studentov, Almaty on October 27, and  Dovrec Nezavisimosti, Astana on October 28. VP Donna was the main speaker, supported by VC Saidamir & VP David Sharma.

The focus of both events was in taking ownership, establishing clear intent, and for women to learn to balance career and family. In F2, it was emphasized why an IR should never stop finding 2, how one of this 2 could be their Donna or Pathman.

The energy levels were sky high with such a large crowd. Both venues were just oozing with awesome. The feedback was excellente and VP David is just praying to see sales increase. VP Donna, on the other hand, really won over the hearts of the IRs. Many even mistook her as a Kazak.

Both VP Donna & VP David spent time with the In Service teams and leaders. To conclude, the events were a great boost to Kazakhstan as this was first visit by the QI director to the country.


Read VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post: I’m Alive comes back to Kazakhstan!

Check out VP Donna Imson’s latest blog post! And it bears good news: I’m Alive is coming back this October in Kazakhstan so be on the look out for an announcement on the schedule of the event. Be sure to follow VP Donna Imson’s Facebook fan page or her Twitter page.

Here’s an excerpt of her latest post:

I’m Alive is coming to Kazakhstan this October, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! And for good reason. Working with wonder women and watching them win is a HUGE part of my WHY. And this event, I’m Alive, was specifically created to provide a forum to help make this happen.

As with the other I’m Alive events I’ve done over the years, across Asia and Africa, I’m always thankful for every opportunity to do all I can, share what I’ve learned, pass on all I’ve been given to women who desire to live up to their fabulous best. For in so doing, I learn even more and gain so much more.

Wanna know more? Click here to read the full blog post!

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