LAP and VLCP happens over the next two days [Update]

The LAP and VLCP are just around the corner! Are you excited? The LAP happens today while the VLCP happens tomorrow! With the LAP and VLCP, IRs are given the opportunity to improve themselves and take a bigger leap in the ladder of success. This is your last call for joining before it all starts tomorrow!


Know more about the LAP and VLCP here.


Remember, to join the VLCP, one must:

1)        have attended the Leadership Achievement Program
2)        have been in the business for at least 1.5 years or 18 months,
3)        have attended Major V Events (VCon & ReVcon),
4)        have been a facilitator for minor events (NSS or own group training),
5)        be recommended by a V Ambassador, BDM/E, and/or IMD, and
6)        be earning at least INR 661,440 a year before tax (gross)


IMPORTANT: These events are on a “first-come first-served” basis. Interested participants may pre-register by downloading the registration form here. Only CASH will be accepted as payment on-site.


Event Fee Date/TIme Location Contact Person

Leadership Advancement Program (LAP)



V Leaders Certification Program (VLCP)



INR 1,655





INR 3,310


21 February 2013


(Registration at 8am)


22 February 2013


(Registration at 830am)


LAP: Morello Hall





VLCP: Piccolo Hall




Address: Holy Family Hospital, 6th Floor, Holy Spirit Complex, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Abie Pana



Muheeb Khan



Dr. Shafi Shaik





Please click here to download the registration form.


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