A Special Message from QNET VFan

Get involved. Get Fanpoints. Get to a GP! Once in a lifetime chance to do it like a superstar.

How would you like to be given the full VIP treatment, flown to an exotic destination where your driver takes you straight to your 5-star hotel? This is followed by a weekend of the ultimate in luxurious dining and entertainment in the company of inspirational business leaders. Oh, and you can check out an F1 Grand Prix too! As a guest of the Marussia F1 Team!

We want to give you this experience. Fan HQ is here and it’s your chance to get involved. We are looking for QNET’s biggest fan and every interaction you make with the partnership – Tweeting, Facebooking, uploading photos, downloading exclusive wallpapers – will get you Fanpoints.

This is YOUR partnership! It’s an opportunity only available to QNET IRs and QI Group staff. You’d be crazy not to make the most of it with FanHQ.

So come on, spend the weekend like a star; rub shoulders with the elite while you soak up the atmosphere behind the scenes in this most exclusive of sports. Believe me; you won’t want to miss it.

Click here to log in.


Like Vfan on Facebook.

Follow them on Twitter.

And subscribe to their YouTube channel.

You can also download their FanHQ brochure.


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